Comtegra introduces changes on the Automotive market

The number of electrical and hybrid cars is still increasing, however global trends lead that one of the most crucial areas of development will be e-mobility market; Comtegra with Jaworzno city and Motor Transport Institute decided to make an attempt of establishing a special legal zone, which will allow to continuing works in implementations of autonomation of vehicles. On 8th of August our CEO – Piotr Jelski along with the President of Jaworzno Paweł Silbert and the director of Motor Transport Institute Marcin Ślęzak have signed an agreement about the fields of the cooperation. Thereby we are facing the worldwide trends and we are opening an opportunity for Poland to be a leader of the transport revolution. We are very pleased that we have a possibility of introducing such innovations in one of the Polish cities. Moreover, we believe that along with our partners we will be able to gain accurate instruments ad guidelines to use such up-to-date technologies.

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