Comtegra Enterprise Cloud

Comtegra Enterprise Cloud is Comtegra’s platform with the resources available at the request of the client settled in a model pay-as-you go. The basis of the service is our own hardware platform built in accordance with best practices, by our experienced team and with the of use of technology world’s leading providers of virtualization and storage solutions: Cisco, NetApp, EMC, Microsoft and VMware.

How does Comtegra Enterprise Cloud work

Comtegra Enterprise Cloud is 24/7/365 availability of IT care and support. Technological competences of our team enable to create and deliver environment tailored to the individual needs of the client (private cloud) or integrate client’s infrastructure with Comtegra Enterprise Cloud resources to create hybrid, highly efficient and scalable environment.


Warszawa, Polska


Platform located in the data center (class Tier III). The whole infrastructure works in a multi-node cluster.

The customer receives:

  • dedicated environment – interface and necessary licenses,
  • dedicated disk space and computing power – CPU, RAM, HDD.
What do you gain
  • savings – you do not incur expenses on your own hardware infrastructure,
  • constant availability of resources – full virtualization and the ability to add more resources,
  • you transfer the responsibility for systems operations to your service provider,
  • safety – full redundancy of all components. All systems are in clusters of high availability,
  • more safety – support and monitoring 24/7/365 and SLA guarantee.
Services performed on Comtegra Enterprise Cloud

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