Digital archives

Data repositories are the primary storage location in the organization, were information are kept. Emails, documents, images or video files every year occupy more and more areas on servers and disk arrays. IT departments are required to storage and manage the growing amount of data in a lower cost. At the same time these resources should be immediately available to users. Reconciling these expectations is becoming more and more challenging.

With the help comes archiving solutions. Archive is a specialized storage system, which allows management of unlimited amount of data at a reasonable cost. Comtegra’s many years of experience means that the designing, implementation and long-term maintenance of the archive system is much simpler and cheaper.

In the process of implementing digital archives we take into account:
  • compliance with regulatory standards or compliance rules,
  • reduction the cost of ownership – data storage in economical devices reduces the size of production systems and thus: the demand for disk space, shortens the backup window, reduces recovery time in case of failure,
  • organizational – transfer of certain tasks to dedicated cells or external entities, such as scanning, digital storage and sharing.

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