Disaster Avoidance

In almost all the latest cases of implementation IT environments it is expected to counter the effects of disasters (Disaster Avoidance). Infrastructure plan requires the cooperation of several data centers. The way of cooperation and relationship between these centers are the key elements in the implementation of policies relating to disasters.

Standard in the Disaster Avoidance solution is an active, both the primary and a backup, center. This means that the second data center can handle the active load and computing tasks in real time. This is done mainly as the migration of virtual machines, running clustering techniques and reliable hardware systems with active replication. Environments resistant to the disasters, are mainly based on the appropriate use of virtualization platforms, so as to ensure rapid and independent from the hardware possibilities of load distribution, convenient mechanisms of machine migrations or complex systems of failover.

Optimally designed Disaster Avoidance system is:
  • Ability to improve performance through parallel processing in several centers
  • Automation of all or part of BC processes
  • Integration of BC solutions with cloud solutions (DRaaS)
  • Reduction of costs of BC solutions by introducing hybrid systems
  • Simplified management of the heterogeneous environment
  • Increased flexibility of the solution
Our competencies
  • Analysis of needs and requirements – requirements of the market vs. customer’s opportunity
  • Matching an already existing environment
  • Preparing backup locations – construction of dedicated centers or modifications of existing ones / guaranteeing readiness and availability from external providers
  • Ensuring clustering, relocation and migration mechanisms

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