Disaster Recovery

Having a Disaster Recovery Plan is a necessity, especially for companies whose business is based on the exchange of information. It means that relevant issue in disaster recovery becomes not only the ability to run IT operations in a backup center but also continuous improvement and verification of implemented procedures of disaster recovery plan. Contingency Plan is a living document and undergoes cyclic revisions, as well as changes resulting from the organizational and technological evolutions in the company.

Disaster Recovery Plan assumes protecting critical data from irretrievable loss, and – in case of failure – restoring them in specified time. It also means that to design and maintain DR policies are needed competences regarding switching and operating systems migration procedures, databases or components of the physical layer of the organization. One of the key elements of the DR policy is to have a Securing Data System (Backup System).

The DR system designed by Comtegra is:
  • Possibility for quick resuming main operation systems after a crash or disaster
  • Extension of existing DR solution with further applications
  • Introduction of detailed procedures
  • Automation of all, or parts of, DR processes
  • Adaptation of the DR procedure after changes in IT infrastructure
  • Integration of DR solutions with cloud solutions (DRaaS)
  • Reduction of costs of DR solutions by introducing hybrid systems
Our experience

Thanks to Comtegra’s high presence in information-sensitive sectors (energy, finance, public sector, telecommunications and media), we have extensive experience in developing continuity plans of data access. We support clients at all stages of DR policy making:

  • Establishing the assumptions of the DR plan
  • Creating backup policies
  • Selection / creation of primary and backup centers
  • Creating Disaster Recovery policies
  • Running DR tests
Our competencies:
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Storage virtualization
  • Securing virtual machines
  • Clustering operating systems and databases
  • Clustering storage solutions
  • Array-Based Replication

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