Centralny backup

Backups are the guarantee of the security for every company. They are an essential element of system recovery after occuring a failure or disaster.

The need for central and automatic backup system is commonly understood. The majority of companies want to use a backup system which is managed from a single console.  However, the complexity of the ecosystem of applications and solutions used by each company results in situation in which designing such a complex system requires very specific and extensive competences.

In our projects we take into account:
  • RTO – recovery rate after a crash or disaster
  • ROP – a point in time, to which we must return
  • Backup window
  • Time of storing backup
  • Replication of backup copies or storage of backup copies
  • Data encryption
  • Infrastructure (LAN/SAN, software licenses)
  • IT systems that are backed up
We design and implement
  • Central backup management systems
  • Systems for backup of virtual machines
  • Systems for database backups
  • Systems for back end backups
  • Backed-up data storage systems (tape libraries, virtual tape libraries, disk arrays)

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