Workplace virtualization

Transformation of workplaces is the result of the changes, which are taking place in the business, such as reorganisations or off-shoring process. It is also a response to global initiatives like e.g. Bring Your Own Device (including changes in security policies connected with it), shift work and teamwork, frequent change of processes in the organization.

The motives behind the decision to implement VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) are various. Sometimes, it is the willingness to continue the approach to virtualization, already used for servers. Regardless of intentions, the implementation of virtual desktops is a process relatively complicated and requires good preparation. To achieve proper efficiency it is necessary to think over the architecture of the solution and applying optimal hardware solutions.

Workplace virtalization means:
  • centralized system management,
  • simplified administration,
  • easy expansion and modification of the system,
  • flexible use of hardware resources,
  • effective control over users and the use of resources.

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