Exascale Computing & Big Data

Nowadays the analysis of large amounts of data and Big Data systems are very often a necessary element not only in conducting scientific research, but also in business management. Some companies, and other entities, possess a huge amount of data, and only advanced and properly configured systems are able to store, proces and analyze them. It also involves the security of possessed data and their availability for multiple users in different locations.

Such systems must be almost one hundred percent reliable, which is why extremely important is their proper configuration and optimization. The right approach and the adequate knowledge and experience allow to save computing power, and hence the financial resources.

Our experience
  • Innovative research infrastructure for WCSS Wroclaw University of Technology
  • Computer cluster Prometheus for ACK Cyfronet in Cracow
Offered solutions

Based on years of experience, we are able to offer optimal solution, previously taking into account not only the preferences of the client, but also the infrastructure that he already possesses and the latest technologies offered by manufacturers of hardware and software.

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