Distributed file systems

Distributed File System (distributed implementation of the classical file system) allows multiple users working on different machines to have access to a shared set of files and storage area. In order to use large computing power for large calculations and data visualization, there must be installed a suitable solution with the appropriate file system.

BigData, cluster or supercomputer, are applicable not only in laboratories, universities or in large data centers. Distributed systems are used in an increasing part of our lives – they supervise the work of airports, hospitals, power stations and other strategic objects. Today, such systems consist of large volumes, and experience shows that the growth of data on these volumes is enormous – and we do not mean only hardware resources. Applications, which are working on them, are becoming more demanding in terms of computational complexity and speed, are putting more and more difficult tasks, and moreover require increasing reliability of these systems.

Our experience

Comtegra, using its experience and practice in working on such systems, provides both the knowledge, which is needed, and the final solution. We support the entire process of preparation of BigData projects – from initial analysis through implementation to the support of the finished system. Properly selected and configured, file system designed under the given infrastructure and optimized for the specific project is an essential element of highly scalable systems, which ensures security, durability and availability of the data.

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