Specialized computing and analytical clusters

Computer cluster is a group of interconnected computer units, which work together to provide integrated working environment, giving the impression of a single computer – a supercomputer. Simplifying, to build a supercomputer, usually a large number of high-speed servers are connected to each other with high-speed links, and the data are stored on high-performanced, distributed file systems.

Computer clusters are the answer to solve very complicated and requiring a large number of calculations tasks. Comtegra, supporting the design stage, helps clients to achieve the low cost of implementation, combined with high efficiency.

Increasing popularity of computing clusters is linked to technological trends:

  • creating standard tools for distributed computing,
  • fast development of very cost-effective microprocessors,
  • rapid development of communication technologies.
We design and implement computer clusters

Currently, the largest large-scale computational and analytical clusters are located in scientific and educational centers. Thanks to the experience gained while designing and implementing supercomputers, as well as the projects of the fastest file systems in Poland, which were linked with them, we are able too identify the role of such advanced clusters in the modern world.

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