Visualization and data analysis systems

With the ever-growing need for access to a broad business data and knowledge that can derive from them, tools for business analysis have become an important component of business management. These solutions help using information so as to enable making conscious decisions, which will effect in overall company success.

Comtegra understands the importance of business analysis in supporting each company in achieving its strategic goals. Our knowledge about delivering, implementing and servicing innovative, often complex, systems, our familiarity in running successful projects with innovative technological and research facilities and cooperation with research and development centers allow us to design, construct and maintain computing and analytical platforms, using the best hardware solutions that provide access to flexible, scalable and integrated solutions.

  • reduction of capital costs,
  • operational efficiency – more efficient methods of data integration, management, analysis and delivery to the user,
  • improvement of business processes – increase in turnover and/or profit thanks to new ways of doing business – improvement of transactions, customer management, or the proper distribution of public services (health, educational or social),
  • successive increase in competitiveness,
  • analysis and synergy of information technology activities with key, from the company’s perspective, business processes.
Our competencies
  • Designing platforms providing access to flexible, scalable and integrated solutions that can change the way in which organizations use business intelligence by providing employees with access to the data they actually need.
  • Encouraging businesses and organizations to deepen their knowledge about current and future incidents affecting the success as a company – thereby enhancing employees’ knowledge
  • Design and analysis of sequences of events and interactions and, consequently, visualization of data from many disciplines that have impact on the situation in the given area

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