Data safety

Sayings like “most secure computer is a computer not connected to the network” and “most secure network is a network galvanically separated” – make people think about the problem. The world of threats evolves in a crazy pace. Just look at the zero-day attacks carrying threats, which are bigger and bigger every day. And despite the general belief that data is of a high value to the organization, its size is usually understood only when they are being lost.

Endpoint devices in any company could be compared to a human body. They represent the business opportunities of the organization. They process information about each element of the business e.g.: marketing and sales plans, financial reports, up to employees an CEO devices. Endpoints are the key to every organization, and their proper security both behind the corporate firewall and, which is much more difficult, beyond it, should be one of the priorities of any security policy.

Endpoint devices are very often located outside the walls of corporate offices and networks. Moreover, we often have no information about the status of updates to all applications. This raises the scale of the problem – not only we do not control the operating environment of such device, but we also have no certainty about its level of security. As such, the security of information on the end-user’s device, whether inside the corporate network, outside in the hostile environment, or in the moment of losing the physical control over the data, is becoming crucial.

We implement solutions of:
  • encryption of discs, files or portable devices,
  • detection, monitoring and protection of confidential data, regardless of where they are stored or used,
  • protection against destructive software on computers and mobile platforms,
  • allowing managing local administrators and applications,
  • capturing malware or files before they reach your corporate network (sandboxing).
Our competencies
  • Data encryption
  • Data leak protection
  • Endpoint Security Management

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