Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange, the cloud mail service, is aimed at companies that want to reduce the cost of maintaining their email system or not have their own Active Directory environment. As part of the service, Comtegra offers mobile support, anti-spam and anti-virus, user account management, and free service deployment. It is also possible to purchase a dedicated Exchange mail system or mailboxes together with Microsoft Outlook.

Full control

The IT department manages the dedicated environment as if it were on a local area network

High availability

Customer has access to their mailbox 365/7/24 from anywhere in the world

High scalability

You can easily reduce or increase the amount of resources you use

  • lowering the cost of living
  • access to the latest Microsoft solutions
  • full use of the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook mail clients
  • access to both performance-enhancing functionality for end-users and administrators

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