Migracje systemów

Constant changes in IT solutions lead to frequent changes in operating systems, implementation of new versions of databases or other software. These changes force systems migrations and applications into the new infrastructure.

Data migration is an inevitable element of the migration of systems and applications – transfer of data from one IT system to another, from the old version to the new version. Fast and efficient migration enables the continuity of work, and hence the lack of financial losses associated with possible downtime.

When choosing the way of migration we are taking into account:
  • analysis of efficiency and functionality of current solutions,
  • system specifics (allowable downtime of service or the volume of migrated data),
  • stock, tools and resources, which are possessed by the client (compatibility, matrix/ OS/ application capabilities, licenses).
We are using migration methods such us:
  • mirroring,
  • using the mechanisms of the matrix,
  • using virtualization storage resources.

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