System integration

For over 20 years, we have been creating and maintaining information processing platforms, guaranteeing business continuity, system reliability and availability as well as data security.


Comtegra Enterprise Cloud

Own platform, designed in accordance with the best practices, offering resources on demand, billed in the pay-as-you-go model. We offer services: VDCaaS, BaaS, DRaaS, DBaaS, VDIaaS and more. Discover the full portfolio of Comtegra Enterprise Cloud.

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Infrastructure solutions

Data Management

Providing optimal infrastructure for data storage, processing and sharing is a complex challenge. Digital archives, storage systems and infrastructure resource management.

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Data Protection

Data loss is always a disruption of the business continuity plan, in the extreme scenario: be or not be of the company. Central backup, disaster recovery and disaster avoidance procedures are a business necessity.

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Cloud Computing

Designing architectures and building private, public, hybrid and multicloud environments. We use storage and network virtualization as well as the concept of hyperconvergence and containerization.

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Many organizations are unable to quickly identify threats and actively respond to them. That is why it is so important to manage the security of the environment, infrastructure and applications.

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Planning and building the network layer of each data center. We also design and implement software-defined networks.

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Our team is able to support the client at every stage of his needs. We also carry out Managed Services contracts and are an authorized CheckPoint, NetApp and Quantum service center.

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Our offer is based on the products of world technology leaders

Solutions for


Smart City is a city focused on the needs of residents, using modern technologies to constantly raise the level of quality of life, increasing interaction with residents and striving to better use the potential of urban areas and infrastructure. See how we can help you.

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Each business is different. But each must use modern technology to gain a competitive advantage. Integration at the application level, using the potential of artificial intelligence, or ensuring a safe workplace in a remote model are just some of the issues in which we can help you.

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Service providers

The infrastructure of service providers is often whole sets of very specific systems dedicated to these recipients. See how we can help you.

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Supercomputing centers

The analysis of large amounts of data and Big Data systems are often the foundation of the research process, but also an element of effective company management through the conscious use of information. Only properly configured systems can store, process and analyze huge amounts of data.

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