Based on many years of experience, we are able to offer an optimal solution taking into account the specificity of the client’s operation, internal requirements of the organization, the level of available budget and the possibilities offered by the latest technologies provided by hardware and software manufacturers.

Mass storage systems

Equipment efficiency and TCO is often a priority. The functionalities of disk arrays, such as the level of protection, replication, tiering, deduplication and compression are often challenges. A proven supplier will select the optimal physical or software solution, where it is justified.

Infrastructure resource management

Managing the entire infrastructure (physical and virtual) to get the right amount of power and capacity at a low cost of ownership is not a simple task. Infrastructure management systems are the answer.

Modern All-Flash solutions

Where there is no place for compromise, where hundreds of thousands of IO/s and marginally low latency bandwidth are critical to maintaining SLA and business quality – reliable and efficient solutions are required: NVMe and All-Flash arrays lead the way.

Digital Archives

IT departments face the challenge of storing and managing huge amounts of data. Archiving solutions are the answer – specialized systems that store data in an intelligent way, with low TCO and high availability parameters.

Storage Area Network

SANs have been accompanying block matrices for years. Along with the increase in data, they also often require modernization, and certainly increased care. They are synonymous with the reliability that they can offer with the right architecture.

High Availability

High availability can be ensured on many levels. One of them is cluster software, which, often in combination with a properly selected and configured connection with a Storage solution, are able to offer business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Our experience

Bank Polski

Construction and production launch of the data archiving system and its integration with the backup system for Windows and Unix platforms. The project completed with a series of user training and continued in the form of maintenance services.

(media concern Discovery)

Construction, maintenance and expansion of the electronic system of the Digital Archives for the needs of the group. The project was carried out in several stages over 8 years with the use of FrontPorch Digital and Telestream technologies, disk technologies (Dell Technologies and Western Digital), tape technologies (SUN) and network technologies (Cisco and Brocade).

Warsaw University

Delivery, installation, commissioning and integration of a large-scale data processing system for the Ocean Competence Center. As part of the project, the architecture was designed, taking into account, inter alia, supercomputer based on the CRAY platform and a high-performance file system (object archive) based on DDN solutions.

Mennica Polska

Construction and commissioning in two locations of a dedicated ICT infrastructure for the needs of the Electronic Public Transport Ticket Distribution System in Wrocław. As part of the project, server (Cisco), matrix (NetApp), network (Citrix), security (CheckPoint) and virtualization technologies were integrated.

ING Bank Śląski

Modernization of the Zero Touch hardware platform dedicated to ING bank developers. During the project on a platform that is in fact a private cloud with specific features (because it provides the user not only with a virtualization layer, but also an application layer), Dell Technologies server, matrix and software technologies and Cisco network technologies were used.