Our offer

Analysis of the existing environment

We carry out a thorough analysis in which we compare the amount of data and requirements that must be met with currently operating solutions. Based on its results, we prepare a report in which we define the possible direction of the necessary changes.

Solution architecture design

Each organization is different and has different needs. When creating a project, we take into account all aspects of its activity, including planned development directions. Depending on the amount of data and needs, both organizational and those resulting from security policies, we design a solution that will meet the adopted assumptions.

Selection of optimal hardware solutions

In relation to the previously established assumptions, we adapt the hardware solutions to the client. We take into account the technical requirements, financial aspects and the structure of the architecture present in the organization.

Delivery, installation and configuration

We offer a fully comprehensive service at each of its stages. Our team will carry out all the activities required to start the operation of the new solution, thanks to which the client will not have to involve his own resources.


We are competent in the implementation and maintenance of Data Protection & Business Continuity solutions. Our service team is available 24/7.


Based on many years of experience, we are able to offer an optimal solution taking into account customer preferences and the existing infrastructure as well as the latest technological solutions offered by hardware and software manufacturers.

Central backup

Backup is the organization’s security policy. When creating projects, we take into account RTO, RPO, backup window, backup retention time, copy replication or storage in a backup location, data encryption.

Disaster Recovery

The Disaster Recovery plan assumes the possibility of a quick resumption of the operation of key systems after a disaster or failure, expansion of the existing solution with new applications, introduction of detailed procedures, process automation.

Disaster Avoidance

Counteracting the effects of disasters requires the cooperation of several data centers. Most disaster-resistant environments rely on virtualization platforms to provide fast load-sharing capabilities.

Our experience

Backup system optimization for Medicover Polska

Building a central backup system and a backup center. After implementation, the backup is performed by a single system that supports both virtual environments as well as databases and file resources. The system was extended to two locations. It is resistant to failure of a single component as well as the entire facility.

Backup and disaster recovery system for Dom Maklerski BOŚ

A system created for the environment of information and analytical applications using the Citrix Hypervisor platform. The project brought the possibility of backup and recovery of entire virtual machines at the level of images, granular restoration and system resistance to failure of one datacenter.

Central backup system
at the Narodowy Bank Polski

The project assumed the installation of tape emulation disk devices (VTL) in order to accelerate the performance of backups, increase the reliability of the backup system and enable fast data recovery. During the implementation, the backup window for UNIX systems was shortened and the data retention period was increased.

Disaster Recovery Center
for the Ministry of Finance

Construction, configuration and integration of individual data storage and processing systems for the needs of the disaster recovery service of key business systems of the Ministry of Finance. The purpose of the implementation was to provide infrastructure services in the private cloud computing model for public services provided electronically: e-services.

Disaster Recovery System
at PKO Bank Polski

The purpose of the implementation was to increase the reliability of banking operations monitoring systems and to enable quick data recovery. During the implementation, DR Zero Data Loss policies were created based on disk storage virtualization solutions and a replica of production data was created in the backup center.

Disaster Avoidance System
at Dom Maklerski BOŚ

The design assumption was to simplify DR procedures, reduce the cost of maintaining the existing environment and increase its efficiency. The MetroCluster used resulted in a potentially zero RPO and a significant reduction in RTO. SyncMirror (synchronous recording in both centers) and high availability and reliability (No SPOF) were obtained.