and predictability
  • Depending on your needs, scale and business dynamics, you scale the size of the environment yourself.
  • Providing efficient infrastructure for a development project for 3 months is no longer a problem. You commission the preparation of the environment, use it for as long as you want and pay only for the real working time of your systems.

  • All communication channels with our cloud are subject to encryption, monitoring and multi-stage authorization. We regularly audit the entire environment. A dedicated team watches over the analysis and correlation of logs and events.
  • The use of network virtualization technology (VMware NSX) is the possibility of microsegmentation.

  • Your fees are solely based on your needs, the size of the environment and the time it is operating.
  • You are in control of costs all the time. Transparent pricing means cost awareness. In months when you need fewer resources, you scale down and your costs go down.

How does this work?


You always have an overview of the current disposal of your environment and the fees you incur. VCloud Director also gives you the ability to quickly prepare graphs as well as utilization and cost reports for the analysis of your finances.

Self Service

One console that you use to manage VMs, networks, backup, replication, environmental disposal and fees.


In addition to standard support, you have your dedicated engineer who accompanies you from the moment you start cooperation. You can always count on the quick support of a person who, by initiating your environment, knows it almost as well as you do.


One vCloud Director console allows your administrator to view and manage all your resources, no matter where they are physically located. Native VMware mechanisms allow you to safely combine cloud and local resources.