We design and implement private and public clouds. We are also competent to create hybrid architectures and multi-loud environments. We advise which part of the architecture and what applications bring to the external platform, we help identify the optimal platform and successfully integrate the entire solution. Our competences in the areas of security or networks allow us to look at each situation comprehensively addressing the complexity of managing security as a whole, flexibility, efficiency and total cost of ownership (TCO).


Using the resources of various public cloud providers and often your own is the optimal utilization of resources. However, there are questions: what supplier to choose, what applications to take, how to integrate the whole thing and take care of security?

Private clouds

100% control over the platform, its parameters (power and memory), security, scalability, measurability of the cost of handling internal processes and savings. Check how we can help you!

Public clouds

For over 15 years, we have been creating public cloud platforms based on proven technologies and scenarios. Our priority is the security and availability of data as well as the stability of the entire solution.

Technologies we implement

Wherever it is economically or business unjustified to use physical platforms, we advise software defined datacenter solutions. For many years we have been designing and implementing server, mass memory and network virtualization technologies. We also offer our clients hyper-convergence, and recently more and more often container platforms. We base our projects on proven software solutions from well-known technology vendors: Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat and VMware.

Mass storage virtualization

Storage layer virtualization is a solution that “hides” physical disk arrays under a virtual device. Management of space requirements is carried out from one place, with the help of one interface.

Network virtualization

A virtual network is an increasingly common alternative to traditional physical networks. SDN platforms give much more freedom in selecting the components of the entire architecture, making it independent from suppliers of physical equipment.


Hyperconvergence allows you to realize computing power and space on standard servers. Successive layers are programmatically defined. Expanding the environment means adding more physical servers.


Placing the application, its processes, configuration and dependencies in a virtual unit – the container. Contrary to virtualization, containerization does not decrease application performance (fewer layers running on physical hardware).

Our experience

Public cloud
for the National Cloud Operator

The National Cloud Operator selects VMware as a key supplier of elements of the technological stack, on the basis of which it will provide advanced cloud services on the Polish market. Comtegra provides technology and participates in consultations in the architecture of the solution.

Public cloud
for linxdatacenter

Comtegra is building the first public cloud infrastructure in Poland based on the FlexPod architecture. Thanks to this, Linxdatacenter, a European telecommunications operator, expands the portfolio of services provided by IaaS. The Warsaw Linx datacenter was the first one built by the Comtegra team. A year later, the team finalizes the installation of a datacenter in St. Petersburg. Currently, both facilities are under constant maintenance and service.

PERN mass storage
virtualization platform

Comtegra is building a storage virtualization platform. As part of the project, backup policies were also reconfigured based on Dell Technologies Data Protection solutions.