Self service

The service operates in a self-service model providing the client with web interfaces for basic administration (policy management) and data access for end users.

A broad spectrum of applications

Backup and recovery of a wide range of applications, databases and virtualization platforms regardless of their location – public, private clouds and on-premise. Backups are made in accordance with the company’s policies regarding, in particular, the retention period and the backup window.

Data archivization

The solution allows for intelligent data archiving. It consists in transferring data from production systems (eg Exchange, Exchange Online, file servers) to the archive while maintaining full accessibility to end users through “links” left in the place of the source data and the Web interface.

Efficient data storage

The system uses global data deduplication, thanks to which the amount of data transferred and stored in the system at the physical level is several times smaller. The system makes it possible to store a copy of the data also on the client’s side for the purposes of quick operational restores.


The data stored in Comtegra Enterprise Cloud can be indexed in full context, which enables advanced information retrieval.


The data is encrypted. There is also a possibility of integration with the Customer’s key system, the so-called Key Managemet Service (KMS). In this case, the customer gains complete control over his data with the possibility of “forgetting” it in the cloud.

Why Backup
as a Service?

  • Payment for actual consumption (number of client servers, users and used capacity after deduplication)
  • Onboarding time on the level of 1 day
  • Security. Advanced security mechanisms, the system maintained and monitored 24/7 by the experienced Comtegra backup team
  • High availability. Backup as a Service Comtegra Enterprise Cloud services are built in a dual-datacenter architecture based on enterprise-class solutions and data replication between centers
  • A wide range of supported systems, applications and virtualization platforms

Available services

  • IaaS Backup asa Service (iBaaS) – backup and archiving of customer systems operating under the Infrastructure as a Service Comtegra Enterprise Cloud service
  • Remote Backup as a Service (rBaaS) – backup and archiving of customer systems located on-premise or in the public cloud
  • Endpoint Backup as a Service (eBaaS) – backup and archiving of laptops and workstations
  • Microsoft 365 Backup as a Service (BaaS365) – backup, archiving and ediscovery for the Microsoft Office 365 platform