• Ready product – you simply get access to your database
  • Convenience – you transfer the responsibility for the environment to our team
  • Security – all infrastructure elements are redundant
  • Performance – 300,000 (and even more) IOPS, we rely on NVMe and InfiniBand solutions
  • Savings – the possibility to reduce or fully use the existing database licenses


Our team members are DBaaS specialists. Their skills and experience are confirmed by numerous certificates, including:

  • Oracle Certified Master
  • Oracle Certified Expert RAC
  • Oracle Certified Professional Database
  • Autonomous Database Cloud
    and Infrastructure Architect

Why is it worth it?

  • Price – it is a cheaper alternative to on-premises or cloud solutions from global suppliers
  • Payment – the OPEX model does not require large financial outlays at the start
  • Time – no need to plan and invest in technical infrastructure
  • Stability – constant costs