Comtegra has a secure, autonomous teleinformatic system “BSP Comtegra-T”, which allows current processing of classified documents. Comtegra also holds a Certificate of Industrial Security of the third degree entitling the holder to access the classified information of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization under the clauses “NATO Confidential” and “NATO Secret” and also classified information under the clauses “EU Confidential” and “Secret EU”.

Resources and competences

Certificates mentioned above were issued by the Internal Security Agency after conducting a comprehensive clarification procedures, both in terms of security of IT infrastructure and guarantee of confidentiality by the staff of the company. This means that employees are trusted and proven people, and information protection system is safe and works flawlessly. Thanks to this, Comtegra can conclude agreements with national authorities and units as well as with entities subordinate to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union.

Self-protection system, secret office and certified staff with high qualifications gives the opportunity to realize, significant from the point of view of state, security agreements and maintain close cooperation with key government bodies, Special Services, army and police. Comtegra belongs to the elite group of IT companies, co-creating a framework for cybersecurity system of our country.

Our clients

  • Foreign Intelligence Agency
  • Internal Security Agency
  • Military Counterintelligence Service
  • National Police Headquarters
  • National Border Guard Headquarters
  • Government Security Centre
  • NATO Joint Force Training Centre