Business continuity

Provide your company with a business continuity guarantee. Regardless of external factors (human error, flood, fire), your resources and data will be available.

DRaaS is an ideal alternative for demanding and responsible managers who enter a backup data center in their organization’s Business Continuity Planning, and at the same time want to drastically reduce the costs of maintaining IT infrastructure.

Our offer

Cost optimization

You do not need to invest in purchasing physical infrastructure for a backup facility. All the systems necessary for the continued operation of your organization can be replicated in the cloud and ready to go into operation when the primary site is unavailable.

Predictability of costs

You know what your costs will look like. If you are not interested in CAPEX spending, this option is for you. You only pay monthly to keep your platform and systems ready. The monthly OPEX fee you pay is a fraction of the standard cost of building your own DRC.

Availability and security

Your resources are safe. This is ensured by full redundancy of all elements of Comtegra Enterprise Cloud infrastructure. All systems work in high availability clusters, and you can choose from many channels of encrypted communication.

Our support

Designing an optimal DR infrastructure architecture requires not only cross-sectional knowledge of the technology and security used, but also must take into account the specificity of the business and activities of each organization. All our DRaaS services are designed according to good practice, and at the same time are individual in nature and take into account variables such as RTPO expectations and budget.

Each of our services has its own individual Failover Plan. On its basis, we conduct cyclical switching tests.

Technologies we use