Distributed file systems

Artificial intelligence and machine learning need large amounts of data. In order to effectively use this type of solutions, it is necessary to have an infrastructure that will provide instant access to information.

Computing and analytical clusters

Increasingly, analytical infrastructure is a completely separate entity from the place where data is stored. The growing amount of data, their different structure, source of origin – these are challenges that are effectively addressed by computing clusters.

Networks in computing clusters

We have experience in designing and implementing networks for the needs of computing clusters which, due to their specificity and needs, differ from classic solutions of commercial clients.

Our offer

GPU and computing power

Technological limitations that do not allow for further miniaturization of infrastructure require a change of approach. In the context of handling large amounts of data, clusters equipped with GPUs took the lead. A wide range of solutions offered by our company will satisfy the infinite need for computing power, enabling analysts to draw conclusions faster and more accurately on the basis of large amounts of data.

Scalability, high availability and performance

Our partners, in cooperation with NVIDIA, have created ready-made solutions that will allow you to take data work in your organization to the next level. Scalable and highly available storage products provided by NetApp, Western Digital or Dell Technologies guarantee optimal use of all resources that are based on access to data. Our team is competent to build environments that support high bandwidth and at the same time provide the right amount of information per second. We are also able to successfully build high-performance AI infrastructures.