How do we help
cities and regions?

We collect, integrate and analyze data about the city

Easy access to information gives a picture of the current situation and the city’s needs.

We create a data-driven management center

We use the collected data and based on it, we create a strategy for future.

We select appropriate ICT solutions

Depending on the needs and expectations, we select the best solutions.

We connect the needs of stakeholders

We take into account all aspects and needs of people associated with the city.

We automate processes

We strive to increase the effectiveness and to react faster to events.

We digitize the city

Thanks to the creation of spatial models of the city and 3D models of objects.

We involve inhabitants

We use the potential of the emerging open civil society.

We create a vision

Analyze trends, plan activities and forecast changes.

Our offer

Data integration

The collection of data from all available city resources and their mutual compilation is aimed at better and more effective use of them in planning future investments.


Our team consists of experienced specialists with extensive competences in the field of digital transformation.


To ensure the consistency of the data management strategy with the city’s development strategy, we operate on the Data Driven Management methodology.

Process automation

The increase in the city’s digital maturity leads to the automation (based on AI) of the implemented processes and the reduction or elimination of human errors.

Digital twinns, 3D models

We use integrated video technologies, LiDAR scanning and photogrammetry to build digital twins and 3D models.

Benefits for cities

We believe that the basis for choosing any solution is the need. That is why we help cities and regions to specify their needs and choose the right tools that will allow them to achieve the set goals:

Process optimization

Cooperation and shared responsibility

Saving resources

Faster reaction to changes

Accountability for implemented activities

Transparency of decisions and spending

Credibility of the city authorities = trust of the inhabitants

Our experience


For the City Hall of Warsaw, we are developing the City Information Bank – an IT system supporting the management process in terms of creating annual action plans and collecting data related to their implementation. System reflects internal processes and partially automates them, integrates data from internal and external systems and enables their sharing and publishing on public portals.


For the Municipal Office in Sandomierz, we conducted an analysis of the number of tourists and their preferences based on video recordings. With city CCTV cameras at our disposal, we determined the number and category of any objects (including people) and their paths. With this data, we generated a heat-map of tourists’ interests and preferences – the basis for further planning of cultural and entertainment services and adapting other city services to them.


For the Municipal Office in Jaworzno, we conducted an analysis of data availability and determination of the values of selected indicators described in the PN-ISO 37120: 2015-03 standard. We have developed a catalog of public sources and the possibility of using repetitive collection methods. The result of the work was a report – a catalog of indicators with recommendations for their secondary use in decision-making processes.