‘Artificial Intelligence is changing the world!’ This is an indisputable fact. Of course, one can argue to what extent “intelligence” is a real, lexically understood feature of systems, but it is difficult to argue with the usefulness and effectiveness of machine and deep learning. Initially used mainly in scientific research, AI has been the basis of commercial solutions.

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Image recognition

facial recognition, emotion analysis, traffic control systems, medical systems

Natural language analysis

chatbots, customer service systems

Robotics and vehicles

autonomous vehicles, driver assistance systems

Decision support systems

imaging diagnostics, fraud detection, weak point prediction, profit and cost optimization, device design

Interactive systems

games, intelligent interfaces

Basic examination

whatever you dream of!

Use models

On premise

Systems tailored to the needs, located in the customer’s infrastructure, are the most optimal solution for:

Scientific units

Companies that conduct research and development activities

Enterprises that use AI-based solutions in any defined business processes or production systems

Entities that are legally obliged to implement restrictive security policies

Organizations providing services based on self-learning systems

Large local government units, services, army, intelligence and police


A cloud model dedicated to those companies for which scalability, flexibility and cost optimization are important:

organizations planning or starting to use the AI tool in their activities

organizations that have variable computing power needs,
e.g. start-ups

scientists and data scientists looking to access an ad hoc computing environment or for selected projects

GPU-based solutions

More and more often, the analytical infrastructure is a completely separate entity from the place of receipt and storage of data. However, in order to cope with the amount and diversity of data, it is necessary to build clusters in which individual nodes are responsible for other tasks.

Technological limitations that do not allow for further miniaturization of the infrastructure force a change of approach – towards clusters with GPU units.

A wide range of solutions offered by our company will enable analysts to draw conclusions faster and more accurately on the basis of large amounts of data. Comtegra’s offer includes computing units based on NVIDIA solutions, ready to create high-performance computing clusters. We also provide full support in the process of adapting GPU solutions.