Case studies

Familiarize yourself with our selected projects.

Public cloud for Linxdatacenter

Comtegra deployes the first public cloud infrastructure in Poland based on the FlexPod reference architecture. Linxdatacenter – European telecom operator extends the portfolio of services with on-demand infrastructure services (IaaS) delivered through FlexPod platform. It was the first installation in Poland based on the FlexPod reference architecture and VMware virtualization solutions. The Linx Warsaw datacenter was the first built by the Comtegra team. A year later the company accomplished  the datacenter installation in St. Petersburg, Russia. Today both datacenters are supported and maintenanced on a constant basis by Comtegra team.

File system for Wrocławskie Centrum Superkomputerowo-Sieciowe

The Comtegra team performs the efficiency analysis of Lustre system used by WCSS since 2012. Team proposes a new, more efficient solution. Modernization of the file system, the key element of BEM (supercomputer in WCSS), has given WCSS the most efficient and scalable file-sharing system in Poland (as on June 2015). New systems provide its users a bandwidth of 65GB / s in read and write. Available online data space is 1.5PB. Equivalence of the volume of data can be compared to 120 thousand. Km of books located next to each other. This is a distance equals approximately to triple length of the equator.

OCEAN project for ICM UW

Comtegra designs and deploys a comprehensive solution: supercomputer, BigData cluster, file system, and object archive. There are 6 supercomputers. 4 of them were created with Comtegra. The Warsaw installation for ICM UW is one of them.

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